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Oklahoma State University

Student Spotlight - Shelby Hinton

Shelby Hinton is a senior at OSU, studying studio art and minoring in Art History. Shelby enrolled in Sketching in Taos with professor Liz Roth. Below, she shares her thoughts about the course and her time in Taos, NM.

Why did you choose to take this course? I took the same course last year and really enjoyed the experience! I wanted a repeat. 
Did you go into the course with any particular expectations? Was it what you expected? If not, how did your experience differ from your expectations? I didn't really have any expectations. Mostly I was looking forward to the trip, hoping to have a great two weeks and to make some good sketches. So in that regard yes my expectations were met! 
Can you share any particularly influential moments while in New Mexico? There were several memorable experiences. I'm in love with the landscape in New Mexico and getting to re-explore that and see new places was great. Our visiting artist, Sara Schneckloth, was fantastic and inspiring. The Taos Pow Wow was going on while we were there and that was a great opportunity to attend that. However, I really enjoyed how as a whole group we hiked down La Junta point into the Rio Grande Gorge. Coming back up for sure was a challenge, we were all hot and tired. It was a long hike! But having the whole group together made it a blast and definitely worth doing. There were some beautiful views and exploring down at the bottom was great. 
If a fellow student told you they plan to take the same course next year, what advice might you share with them? Pack appropriately! But mostly really enjoy the trip. It's a great place to explore and to explore as an artist. It's about as clost to getting that going acroad feeling as you can get without actually going abroad. Make it count.
Image: A sketch by Shelby.
Thanks for sharing, Shelby! If you have taken part in a credit course or leisure learning course at the Doel Reed Center for the Arts and would like to share you experiences, please send an email to