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Oklahoma State University

Student Spotlight - Scout Marshall

student hand

Scout Marshall is a senior at OSU, studying studio art. Scout enrolled in Discovering Taos through Drawing with professor Liz Roth. Below, she shares her thoughts about the course and her time in Taos, NM.

Why did you choose to take this course? I have never explored the southwest before this summer and I knew that Liz Roth would be a great tour guide for just that. Oh, and the credit hours. 
Did you go into the course with any particular expectations? Was it what you expected? If not, how did your experience differ from your expectations? It may have exceeded my expectations because I've been living in Santa Fe and already a good feel of what it might be like. However, it was far more beautiful than I imagined. 
Can you share any particularly influential moments while in New Mexico? I was particularly pleased with the Earthships and Taos Pueblo. Both exemplified my ideals about environmentalism and, with the pueblo specifically, the spirituality behind it. Visiting the pueblo really appealed to me and my constant desire to live by and for the Earth, constantly giving back more than I take. They are true to their ideals and it was magnificent to see in person. However, I could not help but feel bad for even being there because their life has been taken over by tourism. 
If a fellow student told you they plan to take the same course next year, what advice might you share with them? Sunscreen. 
Image: [This photo shows] apricot pits taken from a tree outside Georgia O'Keefe's bedroom, posed in my hand in front of Ghost Ranch.
Thanks for sharing, Scout! If you have taken part in a credit course or leisure learning course at the Doel Reed Center for the Arts and would like to share you experiences, please send an email to